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Global Network of Kagoshima University

Kagoshima University has recently developed its policy to further activate international cooperation that had started since 1970s. Kagoshima University is currently collaborating with more than 70 Overseas Universities and Institutes  through various activities. In the new policy of Kagoshima University, such international cooperation and activities will be systematically coordinated in the framework of the "Global Network of Kagoshima University".  It is believed that such cooperation would be promoted through active dissemination of the information of the University and its activities which would further facilitate. various kinds of international cooperation. The global network can be supported by various activities including those mentioned below.

Kagoshima University Network Ambassadors

As a mean to effectively and systematically disseminate various kinds of information to overseas countries, Kagoshima University establishes a system of Kagoshima University Network Ambassadors. Kagoshima University entrusts selected persons who have research and educational experience in the University and currently resides in overseas countries, will be appointed as Kagoshima University Network Ambassadors and entrusted the part of information dissemination work in the relevant geographical areas. It is also envisaged that Kagoshima University Network Ambassadors will also coordinate with other  activities in the Global Network system.

Global Network of Kagoshima University Alumni Association

More than 2,000 foreign students who completed their educational and research programs in Kagoshima University have been spreaded-all over the world during the last 50 years. Kagoshima University have been developing a global network-of alumni in its data base and through its home page in order to provide a base enable them to active their friendships among themselves (link with Alumni database). Through such arrangement, Kagoshima University also envisages that physical alumni association can be established in the areas or country where a large number of alumni resides.

Strengthening of international Cooperation with Sister Universities and Institutes

Under the "Global Network of Kagoshima University", the University will systematically disseminate relevant information to sister Universities and Institutes which currently retain legal arrangement such as Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the collaboration of research and education, to facilitate possible cooperation in the future. Followings are the example of collaborative works.

Exchange Programs of the Students

Kagoshima University continues to invite students under exchange programs under the existing legal framework. As the University exerts its effort to improve its environment in relation to living condition of foreign students, we believe that they can more comfortably enjoy their stay in Kagoshima and their  campus life.

Collaborative research work

Kagoshima University starts to promote collaborative research works with its sister Universities and Institutes. One of the thrusts is the promotion of "International Network on Adaptation to the Changing Environment". As Kagoshima University highlights research and academic foci on "Environment", "Island" and "Food and Health" in its 2nd 6years Objectives and Plan (2010~2015), it is envisaged to promote such multi-disciplinary academic research work through practical proposals on specific issues.

Short-term Overseas Educational Programs

The University plans to promote short-term overseas educational programs (link with short-term overseas educational programs) for both Japanese and foreign students to and from these sister Universities and Institutes in order for them to learn different culture and language for the support of their carrier development for future.

The "Global Network of Kagoshima University" will be well coordinated with North American Center located in San Jose, California as a outreach center of Kagoshima University