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Supporting System for Short- term Overseas Educational Program

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Supporting System for Short- term Overseas Educational Program

Kagoshima University starts its supporting system for short-term overseas educational programs in 2010. The program is based on the Kagoshima University's Charter that highlights to foster young human resources who can work in the international society. It is also envisaged that spirits of self -independent and" go ahead and take chances (shinshu no seisin)"are the important capacities for young people to be able to actively contribute for both domestic and international societies

Supporting system mainly focused on the educational programs targeting young students who need appropriate guides for the importance of their involvement with the international society for their future carrier development. Then, the educational programs that include short-term overseas visits are included are promoted and financially supported by the University.

It has been observed a tendency that Japanese young students including in Kagoshima who are accustomed to the very peaceful situation in the daily life and enjoyed easy availability of goods and various convenient systems in Japan, have less interests to challenge their life in outside of Japan. Considering the speed and scale of globalization, such individual idea in closing their mental door to outside as Japan used to set the diplomatically closed its door with overseas countries in 17~19 centuries, may be a negative handicap for developing their carriers and limit their wide opportunities. It is therefore that Kagoshima University set an educational policy to encourage young students to visit overseas country to learn about real situation of the outside of Japan even in a short-term as an initial step. It is envisaged that such experience may open young people's eyes and re-confirm their situation in Japan through the experience obtained outside of Japan. It is believed that such policy and implementation of the program can be one of the base to establish Global Network of Kagoshima University.