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Graduate Students

Graduate Students

Graduate Students are those students who are admitted as regular students to graduate courses. They can obtain masters' or doctoral degrees after taking designated credits. The regular period of study for a master's degree is 2 years, and that for a doctoral degree is 3 years or 4 years (the latter in the cases of the Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences and Veterinary Sciences).

Those who are not permitted for permanent residence by the Japanese government and have completed a 16-year (18-year in the case of doctoral degree courses) regular program of school education in foreign countries, or equivalent. As the qualifications vary among graduate schools, please refer to application forms.

Entrance Examinations
Selection of students is conducted by respective graduate schools, and is made on the basis of a comprehensive judgement from paper tests, interviews, application forms, etc. For details please refer to the respective application forms.

Some departments, depending on the year, may carry out a second round of recruitment besides the above. In general, students apply for the entrance examinations after having studied the Japanese language in Japan or having conducted research as a research student. However, it is possible for applicants to come to Japan to take the entrance examinations without having stayed in Japan before. When applying directly from abroad, students must make arrangements with the Japanese Embassy or Japanese Consulate to obtain a 15-day or 90-day "Temporary Visitor" visa before coming to Japan to sit for the entrance examination.

Application Forms and Further Information
To obtain an application form or further information, please contact either the graduate school you wish to enter or the university's International Cooperation Division.

Academic Staff

Admissions Procedures (Graduate Level)
As a MEXT (Monbukagakusho)
Scholarship student
As a private student
yajirushi.gif yajirushi.gif  yajirushi.gif
Nominated by an embassy Nominated by KU
 yajirushi.gif  yajirushi.gif
Find a supervisor in KU
Contact a supervisor in KU
Get the permission from a supervisor to study at KU
Receive the application forms from Japanese Embassy in your country Receive the Japanese Government Scholarship application forms through your supervisor Submit the KU application forms through your supervisor Request the application forms from KU
 yajirushi.gif  yajirushi.gif  yajirushi.gif  yajirushi.gif
Submit the applications to Japanese Embassy in your country Submit the applications to KU through your suoervisor Approval by KU
yajirushi.gif yajirushi.gif yajirushi.gif Submit the application forms to KU
Decision of acceptance by Japanese government yajirushi.gif
yajirushi.gif Decision of acceptance by Japanese government Receive the certificate of admission from KU
Decision of acceptance at KU yajirushi.gif
Get the Student Visa
Arrive in Japan
Enter as a student of KU Enter as a research student
Take an entrance examination for Graduate School
Pass the entrance examination
Enter the Graduate School (MasterCourse,DoctoralCourse)