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University Recommendation(Japanese Studies Students)


 In this UNIVERSITY RECOMMENDATION category, Kagoshima University recommends to MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology) the international students newly coming from overseas as candidates of Japanese Government Scholarship Students.  In principle, the applicants shall be from the sister universities or the universities which has academic exchange with Kagoshima University.

Number of the recommended candidates and grantees at Kagoshima University

Academic Year Candidates Grantees
2008 2 1
2009 3 1
2010 1 0
2011 1 1
2012 1 1
2013 2 2
2014 2 2
2015 2 2
2016 2 2
2017 3 3
2018 3 3


Flowchart of the procedures

Early January Scholarship notice from MEXT  
  Recruitment in Kagoshima University *Application deadline can differ by faculty.
  Selection in each faculty  
Late March Seclection in the entire University *MEXT Scholarship Selection Committee selects candidates based on their academic records and applications.
Middle April University recommends the candidates to MEXT.  
June Notification of the results from MEXT  
October Grantees' arrival in Japan, Start of MEXT Scholarship payment  

  *The above is last year's schedule and will be subject to change each year.

Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines for Japanese Government(MEXT) Scholarship for 2019(Japanese Studies Students)(University Recommendation)
In this UNIVERSITY RECOMMENDATION category, universities recommend the international students newly coming from overseas for the purpose of deepening their understanding of the Japanese language, Japanese affairs and culture to MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology) as candidates of Japanese Government Scholarship Students. In principle, the applicants shall be from the universities which Kagoshima University has academic exchange with.
For details, please refer to the guideline. ≫MEXT website (Japanese only)

Applicant must meet all conditions indicated in the article 1 of the above guideline.

2.The number of the applicants recommended from Kagoshima University to MEXT
Three Applicants will be selected through the screening in Kagoshima University.
They must be officially recommended by their university (,which have academic exchange with Kagoshima University). 

3.Scholarship Benefits
(1) Allowance: 117,000 yen/month(the amount for 2018)
  The monthly allowance for 2019 may be subject to change.
(2) Tuition Fee: will be borne by Kagoshima University
(3) Traveling Costs: to/from Japan will be borne by the Japanese government
(4) Term of Scholarship: from October, 2019 till August, 2020
4.Documents to be submitted 
①Documents to be prepared by Kagoshima university or prospective supervisor


    Original Copy
  Recommendation Report and List of Applicants(Form1・2)  


② Documents to be submitted from applicants to Kagoshima University



    Original Copy
Application for Japanese Government(MEXT)Foreign Student Scholarship 2019(Japanese Studies)(Form4)
Photograph (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm, taken within the past six months, upper body, full-faced, uncapped. Write the applicant's name and nationality on it's reverse side and paste it onto the application form. Digital photographs are also acceptable)
Certificate of enrollment from your university
Certified academic transcript of each academic year at the applicant's university(Please mark subjects related to Japanese language and Japanese culture.)  
Recommendation letter from the home university (addressed to President of Kagoshima University)
The documents which a Japanese learning period can prove more than one year(only when you cannot prove that the Japanese learning period at your university at least one year by your academic certificate)  
A copy of passport(description page giving name and photograph),Copy of family register or Proof of citizenship of the applicant's country  
  A Health Certificate  


For inquries regarding the application deadline or how and where to apply, please contact the prospective supervisor or the student section at your faculty.
6.Notification of the result
It will be made during June, 2019.