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Embassy Recommendation(Research Students)


   Applications for MEXT Scholarship for the following year are accepted March through May at the Japanese Embassies or Consulates of respective countries. For detail on the application guideline, please contact the Embassies and Consulates at your home country.
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<Notice to Applicants who wish to be enrolled in Kagoshima University>
 Japanese diplomatic missions require each applicant to contact directly the university by Fri., August 24, 2018 and obtain a letter of provisional acceptance. In order to obtain it, you must submit the documents indicated below to the university.
*Please note that we do not accept the request on Sat., August 25 or after.


Compulsory documents

 1. Copies of the documents submitted to the Japanese diplomatic mission that were stamped by the mission and returned to the applicants

① Application Form

③ Field of Study and Research  Plan

④ Certified grade transcript for each academic year from the last university attended

⑤ Graduation certificate or degree certificate of the last university attended

⑥ Recommendation letter from the president/dean or the adviser of the current university or the last university attended or the university currently attending

⑧ Abstracts of theses

⑨ Certificate of language proficiency (*)

⑩ Recommendation letter from the present employer (*)

⑪ Photograph(s) showing applicant's own works of art or a digital audio file of musical performance (*)

(*) only if submitted to the diplomatic mission

 2. Copy of a passing Certificate of the First Screening issued by the diplomatic mission

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