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Bringing your Family to Japan(Long-term Stay)

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Bringing your Family to Japan(Long-term Stay)

   In order to invite your spouse or children to Japan to accompany you (for over 90 days in Japan), it is advisable for you to apply for their Certificate of Eligibility.  

Application for a Certificate of Eligibility
   On behalf of your family, you should apply for the Certificate of Eligibility at the Kagoshima Regional Immigration Office. Send the Certificate of Eligibility to your family so that they can attach it when applying for a visa at the Japanese embassy or consulate in their country, which will significantly shorten the time before the visa issued.
Refer to:Immigration Bureau web page


Necessary Documents Where to Obtain
①Application form <PDF> <Excel>(also available at International Student Office)
②Photograph of applicants(upper body, 4cm×3cm)  
③Marriage certificate(In case of bringing the spouse)(copy)  
④Birth certificate(In case of bringing your children)(copy)  
⑤Passport of the applicants(copy)  
⑥Your passport  
⑦Your residence card  
⑧Certificate of enrollment Automatic issuance machine
For Research Students, please refer to the Student Office of your faculty/graduate school.
⑨Documents certifying the financial capability of the applicant (such as bank book)or proof of earnings of supporter in Japan  
⑩Certificate of MEXT (Japanese Government)Scholarship International Student Office