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Comprehensive Renters' Insurance

Comprehensive Renters' Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan (Overseas Travel Insurance +Guarantors' Protection Fund)

In Japan, a guarantor is usually required before you can move into a private apartment. This insurance policy makes it easier for foreign students to secure a guarantor by easing the psychological and financial burdens placed on the person acting as your guarantor.  For reference, please visit here (in Japanese).
When you want to apply, please consult with the International Student Office before you sign the contract for the apartment.

1. Parties Entitled to Indemnity
Overseas Travel Insurance:Foreign Students with college student visa
Guarantors' Protection Fund:Protection of guarantors acting as joint sureties for rental contracts (Your supervisors and Kagoshima International Association)

2. Coverage of Comprehensive Renters' Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan 
Situations covered by Insurance:
・Injury to another person
・Damages to someone else's property
・Fires or explosions
・Flooding due to leaks or burst pipes
・Injuries to yourself in an accident, resulting in long-term disability

Compensation for your joint surety: An indemnity will be paid to a guarantor in the event that it becomes necessary for him/her to pay expenses on behalf of an insured student as a result of the student becoming unable, for some person or other, to pay a rent to the landlord or of it becoming necessary to repair the rented accommodations or restore them to their original conditions.

3. Amount of Indemnity and Premium


  The Insured Coverage Option A (1 year) Option B (2 years)
Overseas Travel Insurance Foreign Student ①Foreign Students' Liability Insurance Up to 50 million yen Up to 50 million yen
②Insurance for disablity resulting from an injury Up to 2.4 million yen Up to 2.4 million yen
Guarantors' Protection Fund Guarantor ③Guarantors' legal liability Up to 300,000 yen Up to 300,000 yen
Premium, etc. charges(Total of overseas travel insurance premium and subscription fees for the Guarantors' Protection Fund 4,000 yen (Premium of 2,500 yen and fees of 1,500 yen) 8,000 yen (Premium of 5,000 yen and fees of 3,000 yen)