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Research Grant for Overseas Students

Research Grant for Overseas Students

Foreign students at Kagoshima University can use the service "Research Grant for Overseas Students", which is provided by Kagoshima International Association (KIA). In order to support the research activities of foreign students studying in Kagoshima, KIA grants a subsidy for attending academic conferences.

1. Eligibility
① Should have college student status.
② Registered residency within Kagoshima Prefecture.
③ Not being on a scholarship of any sort, or being on scholarship but the amount of monthly grant is less than 100,000 yen.
④ A high achiever with an outgoing personality who is able to obtain a letter of reference from the president of Kagoshima University.
⑤ Contributes, or is willing to contribute, to international exchange with citizens in Kagoshima.
⑥ Has not been granted this subsidy before.

2. Applicable activities
Traveling costs and attendance fees for academic conferences

3. Amount of Grant
The amount is decided by the director general in accordance with the limits of the budget for research activities, which should not exceed 30,000 yen.

4. How to Apply
Applications are required to be submitted to the International Student Office (ISO) of Kagoshima University 45 days prior to your research activities.
■ Compulsory documents
  • ・ Completed application form
  • ・ Bills certifying the traveling fee and attendance fee
  • ・ Program of conferences
  • ・ Alien registration card
  • ・ Student card
  • ・ A photocopy of account book (Subsidy is paid into your bank account)

5. Obligation
You are obliged to submit a report on the achievement of related research activity as soon as it is done.

Download: Application form