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Credited Auditors(Kamokutorishusei)

Credited Auditors(Kamokutorishusei)

Credited Auditors are students whose purpose is not to obtain a degree but to earn credits, and who can register for specific classes at undergraduate and graduate levels. Credited Auditors who achieve a passing grade in term-end examinations can earn the credits of the class. To be registered as a Credited Auditor, you should apply for at least one class. Students in foreign countries who wish to obtain a "College Student" visa to come to Japan, have to apply for more than 10 hours of tuition (7 classes) per week.


Those who are considered by the faculty concerned or by the Committee for General Education to be academically capable of taking classes in their subject can apply.

Applicants should obtain application forms from the faculty in which they want to study, obtain approval from the instructors of the classes they wish to attend, and submit the completed application forms to the student office of the faculty concerned. Selection is made on the basis of submitted application forms. For application forms and further information, please contact the student office of the faculty you wish to enter.

Admissions Procedures

Credited Auditors
(not from sister universities and who are applying for a student visa)
Find and contact a supervisor in KU

Get the permission of your supervisor to study at KU

Submit the application to KU through your supervisor(Credited Auditors should apply for more than 7 subjects per week.)

Apply for Student Visa at Japanese Embassy or consulate in your home country

Get the Student Visa

Arrive in Japan

Entrance to KU(April, October)