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Kagoshima University Charter

Kagoshima University is situated at the southern gateway of the Japanese Archipelago to the Asian region and is blessed with a rich natural environment of seas, volcanic mountains and islands. During the reform and modernization of Japan in the middle of the nineteenth century, Kagoshima produced many leaders who boldly took on the many difficult challenge of the time. In keeping with his unique geography and history, Kagoshima University aims to be a comprehensive university that contributes to society and the community in sustaining academic freedom and diversity, and in supporting the spirit of self-sufficiency and enterprise.

Kagoshima University strives to help students discover and develop their potential and ability and provide a wide-range of liberal arts and professional education to help individuals foster a spirit of initiative that capitalizes on local attributes. Kagoshima University endeavors to provide graduates of both high morality and social nature who aspire to overcome challenge and work activity for the global society.

Kagoshima University emphasizes respective researches and fosters leading researchers for the 21st century through collaboration with outstanding researchers in various academic fields. Kagoshima University aims to become a world-class center of excellence by expanding research to meet regional demands as well as promoting research activities that have universal application.

Contribution to Society
Kagoshima University contributes to the development and dynamism of the regional community through promotion of industries in the southern Kyushu area, enrichment of medical care and welfare, conservation of the surrounding environment, advancement of education and culture and many other endeavors. Kagoshima University works actively to strengthen our partnership with countries in Asia-Pacific region through mutual exchange of researchers and students, and international joint research and education in order to contribute to the human welfare and to help foster peace and the preservation of the global environment.

University Management
Kagoshima University, under the leadership of the president, develops and advances its educational and research environment with participation in university management by all members of the faculty and the administration. Based on the University's autonomy, Kagoshima University conducts continuous self-inspection and self-evaluation and fulfils its responsibility to society in implementing management that is fair and highly transparent and actively responsive to external consideration.

Approved November 15th, 2007