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Clubs and Circles

There are number of clubs and circles that are operated, outside of education and research activities. However, University supports and promotes these activities based on the recognition that such activities are very important for enhancing human capacities, especially in young generation.

You are welcome to join these activities listed below. It is therefore suggested to contact, if you are interested in joining the activities, to one of the counselors who are listed in the counseling system to identify the people who are responsible for clubs and circles.

23 Clubs (Culture)

Adventure Arts
Biology Broadcast
Calligraphy Drama (theater Kazandan)
Educational Science English Conversation (ESS)
Gardening Ikebana
International Issues Japanese Chess
Law Marine Ecology
Marxs Doctrine Newpaper
Overseas Country Philosophy
Photograph Social Science
Student Psychology Tea Ceremony (Omotesanke)

9 Clubs (Music)

brass band Classic Guitar
harmonica band idimuchi
Japanese music jazz band
kicks orchestra
Polyphony Call  

29 Clubs (Athletics)

Aikido Automobile
Badminton Baseball
Baseball (Using a different type of ball) Basketball
Boat Boxing
Cutter (a kind of boat) Cycling
Handball Horse Riding
Japanese Archery Judo
Karatedo Kendo
Mountaineering rubber-stamped baseball
Rugby Shorinji (Martial Art)
Soccer Soft Tennis
Swimming Table Tennis
Tennis Track & Field
Volleyball windsurfing

38 Circles (Culture)

Animal Protection app development
Astronomy Birds Watching
child psychology Comics
Fishing Free Spot
go (board game of capturing territory) Hyakunin Isshu
Kagoshima Outdoor Counselor Association Korean Culture
Listening Music Literature Sora
Magic Marine Turtles
Micro Computer Oasis
Ocean Outdoor Activities
Polco Volante Robots
Satoyama ecology Satsuma biwa
Satsuma Constitutional Study SATSUMA Rocket
Science Fiction & Mystery scientia
Shakespeare Cards Sign Language (Tege Tege)
the third civilization vehicle
Volunteer Circle Walk & Camp
Watching Movies Yaseido
Yosakoi Circle Hayato Youth Hostel

6 Circles (Music)

Chambery Five aces
Fork Songs Ikasama Rider
Mandlin New Music

23 Circle (Athletics)

American football archery
Basketball Chinese Martial Arts Association
Futsal YANIZU handball
iaido K.U.D. (Dance Circle)
kabaddi's lacrosse
Marine Cats (Diving Circle) soccer
softball softball tennis
sports enthusiasts' association swimming
table tennis Tae Kwon Do
Track and Field Association GONA x 2 Track and Field Circle Landmark
volleyball Wonder Vogel