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Survey on Life as a Foreign Student at Kagoshima University

Above surveys were conducted by the Circle on International Cooperation in March 2010 in collaboration with both Japanese and foreign students. The main objective of the survey is to identify the problems foreign students face and gradually to improve their living environment through mutual (University & students) collaboration. As there were views that both quantified and un-quantified information are equally important to appropriately understand their problems, the surveys were conducted through individual interviews together with standardized questionnaires. 129 interviews (46%) were conducted on 280 foreign students in March 2010.

As the surveys were conducted through interviews using standardized questionnaire as a checklist for the interviewers, more than one answer was obtained from one interviewee for certain questions. Most answers were therefore of a descriptive nature. Those answers have been aggregated into different categories, with some descriptive answers to more clearly illustrate the actual problems.

Question1. Why did you choose to come to Kagoshima University?

Supervisors: ○Recommended by supervisor (professor) of their own universities or Kagoshima University. ○Research subject of supervisor in Kagoshima University was well known or fit to the research subject of the student.
Introduction by Acquaintance: ○Recommended by friends, relatives and others.
Reputation of Kagoshima University: ○Achievement of Kagoshima University and its faculties are well known. Sister University: ○Using advantages which are stipulated in the MOU between Kagoshima University and the student's university that is one of the sister universities.
Relatives: ○Relative such as wife, husband has already been stayed in Kagoshima.
Environment: ○Natural environment of Kagoshima such as sea, volcanoes and climate was well known and fit to the preference of the students.
Compatriots: ○People from the same countries are staying in Kagoshima.
Government: ○Japanese government or his own government selected students' University.
Directly contacted to Kagoshima University: ○Some students directly contacted Kagoshima University and were accepted.
Others: ○Other reasons include the followings. ○Kagoshima is not a big city where living expenses might be cheap. ○Students have experience in Kagoshima in other programs including under-graduate students and ALT. ○Kagoshima University is less competitive compared with other Universities. ○History of Kagoshima is well known.

Question2. What have you found good during your time at Kagoshima University?


People in Kagoshima: ○Good humanity compared with other big cities. ○Kindness. ○Politeness. ○Slow life style. ○Hardworking. ○Pureness.
Social System: ○Good security. ○Convenience. ○Easy to live by either single or with family. ○No traffic jam. ○Not rural but not big city. ○Cleanliness. ○Good food. ○Good living condition. ○Access to any place. ○Well organized. ○Active community of compatriots. ○Easy to understand Japanese culture.
Environment: ○Fresh air. ○Landscape. ○Quietness. ○Subtropical climate. ○Close to sea. ○Sakurajima. ○Hot springs.
Supervisors: ○They are kind and polite, and enthusiastically support foreign students. ○Close distance between teachers and students.
General Atmosphere of the University: ○University is located in the center of the city. ○Easy access to various literatures. ○International atmosphere. ○Quiet environment. ○Beautiful campus.
Research and Educational Environment: ○Interesting lectures. ○ Good educational environment. ○Student can freely study and receive educational programs. ○Good Japanese training course. ○High academic level. ○Students can concentrate their study and research works. ○Good research facilities.
Attitude toward Foreign Students: ○University has its interest on foreign students. ○University financially supports foreign students. ○Section that is responsible for taking care foreign students, provide appropriate services. ○Many events and programs for foreign students. ○Good tutor system.
Experience: ○Enjoyed various experiences. ○Making many friends. ○Nominated as a friendship ambassador of the home country in Kagoshima. ○Trip to other part of Japan (Kyoto).
Other: ○Kagoshima became a second hometown. ○Family does not want to go back home country.

Question3. What are problem areas you have found during your time at Kagoshima University?

Language Barrier: ○The most of the available information were prepared in Japanese. ○Always have to rely on Japanese friends to understand the issues. ○Daily life using Japanese language is tough for foreigners. ○It took one year to understand bus communication in Kagoshima. ○Difficult life for the foreigners who do not have sufficient Japanese language skill.
Scholarship: ○Chance and amount of scholarship available after arriving University are not satisfactory. ○Unfair conditions by the faculties to apply these scholarship and the exemption of tuition. ○ Un-transparent evaluation system for awarding these scholarships and exemption of tuition. ○The scale of these scholarships and exemption of tuition are small compared with other Universities.
Lectures: ○Have to participate compulsory lectures, but some of which are not useful. Then, question of the way to select compulsory lectures can be raised. ○Some teachers do not care whether foreign students can understand or not. ○Level of Japanese language course can be more flexible, because the level of understanding can be different with individuals. ○Credit is not transferrable to my home University. ○As all lectures are conducted in Japanese, it is difficult for foreigners to understand. ○Not many teachers understand the needs of foreigners and have skills to guide foreign students.
Environment of Kagoshima University: ○There are imbalance between the faculties in terms of facilities and time of entrance. ○Too many paper works on administrative procedures. ○Faculties are separately located in three places in the city. ○There is no appropriate places to consult the problems of foreign students.
Japanese: ○Japanese people concerned too detailed issues. ○Most of people in Kagoshima do not speak English. ○Difficult to communicate with the people. ○People in Kagoshima are generally shy and hesitate to communicate with foreign people. ○Japanese people are generally not interested in external issues other than food.
Social System: ○Too noisy due to closeness to down town. ○Drinking too much and staying too late when the party organized by the laboratory. ○Compatriots and its organization are sometimes annoying. ○Far from the Capital of Japan. ○Being Muslim make the communication difficult.
Food: ○Different culture and religion.
Natural Environment: ○Ash from volcano. ○Allergy. ○Cold during winter.
Economic Problems: ○Due to living expenses were more expensive than envisaged, difficult to pay tuition. ○Due to earn the money through part-time job, times for study are shortened (vicious cycle). ○Transportation costs are expensive.
Lack of Information: ○Sufficient English information on the needed issues for the life in Kagoshima is not available, such as where to buy English book, how to obtain a driving license, how to receive overseas luggage, how to rent a car and others.
Housing: ○Difficult to find appropriate room(s).
Personal Problem: ○Home sick. ○Parents are always concerned on me.
Structural Problem: ○As Kagoshima and Yamaguchi University are jointly operating single Graduate School for agriculture, difficult to communicate with Yamaguchi University where I belong, while doing research work under the supervision of Kagoshima University.

Question4. How is your relationship with your supervisor in terms of communication and academic guidance?

Good Relationship: ○Helping foreign students with open mind. ○Helping to identify the required literatures. ○Helping to prepare presentation and technical papers. ○Encouraging to participate various opportunities. ○Frequent communication through mail. ○Understanding on the specific situation of foreign students. ○No problem on communication using English. ○Being kind like a father. ○Providing various guidance patiently. ○Promotion of research with appropriate advices. ○Good discussion. ○Organizing weekly meeting to strengthen the cooperation in the laboratory. ○Speaking in very slow Japanese. ○High level of research subjects.
Problem Areas: ○No appropriate advices on research theme. ○Too free for foreign students for conducting their research work. ○Not reaching agreement with supervisor because of different interests. ○Supervisor is too busy to take care foreign students. ○More independent environment in the laboratory has to be developed. ○As supervisor is too busy to interpret the communication with foreign students, other Lab. Staff should more involve in communication with foreign students. ○English should be used in the compulsory meetings and lectures or at least in the slides used in those lectures. ○Some teachers do not care whether foreign students can understand or not. ○Supervisor does not agree with my proposal, but force me to do his project.
Issues on Laboratory: ○Enough amount of research budget. ○Freely conduct Research work and experiments. ○Could participate meetings for academic society. ○More people should speak English. ○No clear rules to operate laboratory (senior people dominate for the operation of the laboratory without clear rules). ○Peaceful. ○ Free, good and independent atmosphere. ○As the number of the Lab. Mates are small, getting benefits to learn more.

Question5. Do you feel that your supervisor understands your problems?

Yes: ○Supervisors concerned on my personal issues such as health condition and problems. ○Good understanding on the needs to do a part time job. ○Helping for the application for the scholarship and exemption of tuition. ○Agreeing to do part-time job, as far as it does not affect for taking lectures. ○Good understanding of the personal problems overcoming different cultures. ○Promoting good communication using several opportunities (eating and drinking together). ○Providing chances to listen the particular problem. ○Allowing me to take a long vacation. ○Trying to understand foreign student's problem. ○Although feeling meddlesome sometimes, supervisor showing his willingness to support foreign student. ○Supervisor never offer his help, but listen intently whenever I asked his help. ○Supervisor always concerned situation and problems of me and family. ○Very kind. ○Supervisor support me since my arrival at Kagoshima.
No: ○Supervisor is kind and flexible but no communication on my personal problems. ○Supervisor is not interested in personal problems of the students, but on research. ○Disagreeing with me doing part-time job. ○No discussion on personal issues. ○No communication. ○No understanding or even no recognition on foreign students. ○Everything is Ok without serious check or consideration. ○No support. ○Supervisor is suspicious for the activities of foreign students. ○ Supervisor try to control foreign students.
Section which is responsible for taking care of foreign students: ○Very kind. ○ As there is no clear explanation on the accident occurred in last year, only rumor with guess has been spread in the campus.

Question6. Do you have any special problems with your supervisor?

Problems: ○Too strict. ○ Supervisor does not allow me to take a vacation. ○Although laboratory organizes too many drinking party, foreign students can not pay the cost for attendance. ○No communication. ○Supervisor's authoriterian attitude. ○Supervisor does not want to listen my opinion, instead force me to do what he wants. ○Supervisor did not submit my paper in time.

Question7. Do you have any suggestions for ways to improve your research environment?

Physical Environment: ○Space of laboratory is too small. ○Building is too old. ○Dirty( lot of cockroaches). ○There is no personal space. ○Room is mixed functions (study and experiment space) . ○Noise of equimments disturve the concentration on study. ○No or small number of computer for students. ○Computer is too old. ○Facilities such as desks and chairs are too old. ○Repairment of facilities in view of safty is required. ○Separate rooms for under -gradunate and graduate students are required. ○System to use or operate laboratory should be clearly defined in line with international standard.
Human Environment: ○Using internet is controled and supervised. ○Laboratory mate should sutdy more English. ○More warm atmosphare between supervisors and students has to be developed. ○More communication through party and sports should be developed. ○Cultural difference has to be mutually understood. ○Communication with Japanese students has to be activated. ○System to learn technology and use equipment has to be developed. ○Counseling system on how foreign students can be effectively learn the subject is required. ○Decision making process are currently too concentrated to the Professor in Japanese education system. ○University should understand how proffessor treats foreign students. ○Supervisor should not change his attitude by the nationality of the students. ○Laboratory collegues should speak out their opinions.
Services for Foreign Students: ○Important announcement should be translated to English. ○More preparatory work when accepting foreign students has to be conducted.
Research Fund: ○Research fund for the participation of foreign students to academic meetings should directly be paid (reimbursed) to the students concerned.

Question8. How is your communication with Japanese people?

Sufficient communication: ○Many Japanese friends. ○Participating parties and going out together for meals. ○Good friends who invited his house to stay and study together, in the same laboratory. ○I do not speak Japanese but communicating well. ○Doing sports together. ○Good communication with senior Japanese friends, tutor and through activities organized by club. ○In accodance with improvement of my Japanesea language skill, communication with Japanese are improved. ○Although I am the only one forigner in the laboratory, communication wth laboratory collegues are good. ○We have weekly party in the laboratory. ○Home visit was enjoyable. ○Enjoying cooking and ikebana (flower arrangement). ○I have two japanese friends who helped me since my arrival to Kagoshima. ○Went together to my friend's home village. ○Experience on agriculture work together with Japanese friends. ○Go fishing together. ○Receiving gift that are produced in the friend's farm by mail. ○I have a friend of senior Japanese lady. ○I made friends who are mothers of my Japanese friends.
Limited Communication: ○Only communication with a tutor in the International Resisedence Hall . ○Communication with Japanese but outside of the University. ○Trying to communicate with Japanese but eventually communicating with comptriots. ○I am not good at communicating with friends. ○I normally do not have many friends. ○I do not have time to communicate with friends.
No Communication: ○Only participating to the activities among forigen students. ○I do not go out together with Japanese, as most of which require cost. ○No Japanese friends. ○There is no communication with Japanese. ○Busy for part-time job, study and no money are the main reason why I do not actively communicate with Japanese. ○Although I was invited to participate parties, always decline because of the cost incurred. ○There are problems to communicate with Japanese(level of comprehension). ○Attitude of Japanese is difficult to understand (they are frequently changing thier mood). ○MyJapanese friend is sometimes very kind but looks a different people in other time. ○Different culture. ○ Looking for friends not in the University.

Question9. What makes making Japanese friends difficult?

Language barrier: ○Busy and not have sufficient skill for Japanese. ○Difficult to clearly explain the situation. ○My laboratory collegues do not have suufficient English skill. ○Difficult to communicate. ○Can communicate but exist langauage barrier. ○Japanese hesitate to communicate with foreign students due to their English skill.
Different culture: ○Some Japanese have bad image against my home country. ○They do not understand my country. ○Different interest .
Japanese character: ○Japanese does not clearly express themselves and their opinion. ○Japanese may create a kind of barrier by themselves that prohibit for foregin students freely speak with them. ○The situation that I am the only one foreign student and surrounded by Japanese, make me difficult to be active to communicate with Japanese. ○I wish if communication can be started by Japanese side. ○Attitude for the issue is different. ○Different way of thinking. Japanese way of thinking (no expression on real feeling. not clear what they are expecting) . ○It looks that Japanese are afraid of Foreign student. ○Japanese boys are not approaching me because I am a woman. ○Japanese may have a preconception on foreign people. ○I have many Japanese friends but no close friends. ○It looks Japanese are always busy.
Chance: ○Not many chances to meet with Japanese. ○There is no Japanese students in my Laboratory. ○To live in Kagoshima is too busy for study and part-time job. ○Always communicating with compatriotes.
Food culture: ○Difficult to enjoy eating and drinking out with Japanese due to different food culture(Muslim).
Negative View: ○I do not want to make Japanese friends. ○I wish to communicate with compatriotes.
Economic reason: ○I do not have enough money to go out with Japanese.

Question10. What problem do you have understanding Japanese people?

Japanese Character: ○Japanese are too serious and no joke. ○Japanese are obscure in their decision process. ○They only speak principle not real intension. ○Sometimes misunderstood for my conducts that initiated by my good will. ○Different way of thinking. ○Japanese are too detailed and think too much trivial points. ○Difficult to be a close friend, because Japanese do not mention their real intension. ○Too kind. ○Too reserve. ○Wish to be treated as a student not as a foreign student. ○Difficult to be called from Japanese side. ○I wish to be questioned or spoken by Japanese side, even persistent level. ○Communication do not expand (question on the country issue and no other topics). ○I feel suprior complex in Japanese people when they discuss with foreign students. ○Sometimes I do not understand what they want. ○Japanese are not open-minded. ○They try to be punctual and precise like robot. ○Japanese are not interested in foreign students. ○As I have to speak first when we communicate, I eventually speak with compatriots.
Language barrier: ○Do not have sufficient level of Japanese language skill. ○There are misunderstanding due to insufficient language skill.
Understanding of different culture: ○Japanese do not know other country's culture. ○I do not want to have a prejudice for other country. ○Difficult to understand each other due to different culture. ○We should be very careful in conversation because different culture and customs.
Social situation: ○Too many drinking party. ○ Do not understand why Japanese drink until they are drunken. ○Difficult to understand the system such as Bank, Post office and even for shopping centers in the beginning.
Other: ○I can not analized as I do not have any Japanese friend.

Question11. What suggestions do you have for making Japanese friends?

Way of communication: ○Sincerity is important to communicate with the people. ○As foreign students and our students are living together in my coutry, easy to be friend. ○It was better if I had more information on the Japanese life and needs of Japanese( such as audio information on Japanese in elementary level )before coming to Kagoshima. ○Making friends first in the same class and laboratory. ○Should act more flexible manner. ○Problem can be solved if you are in open-mind and showing adjustability. Then, life in Kagoshima can be more rich. ○Being a friend through hobby. ○Try to be active. ○First language and common hobby. ○Other than culture, respective custom and character have to be understood. ○Problem is the same as you make a friend in your own coutry. ○Through events such as home visit, home stay and bus tour. ○Open-mind and sincerity. ○As I need supports in living in Kagoshima, I want a Japanese friend whose character is similar to me. ○Teaching language each other. ○Doing sports and volunteer work together. ○Join the activities of rotary club. ○University should organize more cultural events which both Japanese and foreign student can join. ○More international event such as integration stay.
Understanding of the different culture: ○Living style of Japanese should be understood. ○It can be a friend who can understand other countries' culture. ○Actively communicate with full understanding of mutual culture. ○Actively participate Japanese events. ○If you stay longer, language and culture gradually be undertood. ○ Efforts is needed to adjust yourself to Japanese living style and and way of thinking. ○Foreign student start fist in communicating with Japanese. ○Should speak more with Japanese. ○Japanese people should more accept foreign students. ○Japanese should be more active in communicating with foreign students.
Language: ○Japanese language is important. ○Japanese student should more learn English. ○Even if your language skill is not sufficient, you can communicate, If you have strong will to communicate with foreign people.
Other: ○Patience is a critical element to understand different life style. ○ Being criative and full of curiosity.

Question12. Did you receive appropriate information about scholarships?

Appropriately received: ○As supervisor applied a scholarship, I do not actually receive the information. ○Received through friends and internet.
Information received in home countries: ○Received through my original university, employer, colleagues and the Embassy. ○From graduate student of Kagoshima University. ○Although Information was received thrugh Japanese friends, parent and Ministry of Education in home country,those information were very generic .
Not appropriately received: ○I have never seen such information. ○Very limited information on scholarship in Kagoshima. ○I think that information was not publicly announced. ○There is no information on which scholarship is most suitable for me. ○No information for application. ○No information on types of scholarships, application period, qualification and evaluation system.
Process: ○University should inform the ranking of educational records to the student.
Others: ○No applicable for the question (exchange students, students receiving scholarship from home country). ○ It was a surprise that I awarded scholarship through the application made by my supervisor without telling me.

Question13. What was the problem when you applied for the scholarship?

Problem: ○Decrease of amount in Monbushou scholarship. ○Decrease should only be applied for new applicants. ○Competitiveness. ○Too short for application period. ○Application form of Scholarship available in Kagoshima should be translated into English. ○Due to unclear process, I have to visit several times to concerned office to complete the form. ○It took 10months to finally come to Japan. ○It is not clear on how to apply scholarship available in Kagoshima. ○No information, then no chance to apply.
Fairness: ○No transparency on the evaluation system. ○Strict evaluation system for educational records in particular Faculty, make less competitive in application for the scholarship. ○It is unfair that student who has family and child is more competitive. ○Relationship between supervisor and student affects to the evaluation for the application. ○There are students who buy car and go trips using scholarship. ○Awarding scholarship is not based on own capability, but luck. ○There is no special consideration whether applicant is single or with family in Monbushou Scholarship. ○Very long process for awarding scholarship available in Kagoshima. ○Scholarship should be separated for single and for student who has family. ○Evaluation of scholarship should not only consider educational records but other factor. ○Whether evaluation take into account the length of stay (student in doctor course is easier to obtain scholarship than master course)? ○Too many paper works for the application for scholarship. ○Ranking of educational records should be publicized.
Application: ○In home country, long distance and high cost of transportation from my place to the place where I have to receive entrance examination. ○Difficult to identify the supervisor who can write a letter of acceptance. ○Process is very complicated. ○Level of TOEIC is too high.
Information: ○Ranking of educational record should be informed to individual student. ○Availability of Scholarship should be widely announced. ○Special way of dissemination on the announcement of scholarship should be developed, as many foreign students are not aware about availability of scholarship.

Question14. What suggestions do you have for improving the scholarship system?

Suggestion on scholarship: ○Remittance to the bank should be at the beginning of the month. ○No reduction of scholarship (monbushou). ○Increase the amount. ○Wife and husband can apply the same scholarship. ○I did not know that to pass the test is required to extend a period of scholarship. ○I have never obtained a privilege to exempt tuition. ○I received a scholarship only one year. ○Support fund for living should be established in laboratory. ○Scholarship should be given to all foreign students. ○Scholarship donated by Kagoshima University supporters are distributed in very small amount. ○Students who has family should receive additional support. ○Overall scales of scholarship should be expanded.
Fairness: ○Scholarship should be allocated to each faculty. ○Application period and condition should be openly informed to fairly distribute scholarship. ○All foreign students should receive scholarship at least one time during the stay in Kagoshima. ○Evaluation process should be transparent. ○Evaluation of scholarship should be based on educational records. ○ Educational records should be openly informed.
Application Process: ○Application process should be simplified. ○Obligatory condition to participate explanatory meeting is not logical. ○To open the special section to be able to discuss about scholarship.
Other support: As scholarship is economically support students, other kinds of support are suggested as follows. ○Extension of living period of International Resisedence Hall. ○ Free use of internet at International Resisedence Hall. ○Financial support for housing & transportation.
Others: ○Advices by OB/OG are useful. ○University should develop guide for living (eatimate of tuition, living expenses, housing , health insurance, transportation etc.) in Kagoshima.

Question15. Are you satisfied with your student tutor?

Satisfied: Answers include from very satisfied level to acceptable level. ○As tutor is a compatriot, services provided are satisfied level. ○No problem for communication. ○Useful for both University and private life. ○Good relationship because tutor is no Japanese. ○My tutor is Japanese but well understands English. ○Helped for many arrangements except the contact for mobile phone. ○Taking me various places. ○Tutor concerned for my family when earthquake hit my home country. ○Tutor helped when I asked. ○Tutor taught me Japanese and helped my experiments. ○Very kind. ○Go out together for meals and other activities.
Not satisfied: ○No communication. ○I hesitated to contact tutor. ○After tutor was graduated, no tutor. ○As I do not have sufficient Japanese language skill, contact was gradually diminished. ○No Tutor. ○As tutor is inexperienced student, problem faced by graduate students is not understood. ○Although I am not satisfied with tutor, I am also not interested in learning from tutor. ○As sufficient human relationship was not established, I have not asked many things. ○ As tutor is not male, difficult to communicate. ○I know better than tutor about the issues. ○Does not work because of language barrier. ○Tutor was useful in only first two months. ○I do not currently have a tutor. ○When tutor is moved, appointment of other tutor is required. ○After one month, there is no communication. ○Tutor should improve his English. ○I knew there is a tutor system by this interview. ○Different way of thinking. ○I do not need tutor. ○Tutor does not understand what he has to do. ○Tutor does not understand English. ○Tutor is not punctual and too busy for her own work. ○Appointment was postponed without prior notice. ○Technical support is not reliable. ○I needed support for lecture and preparation for test. ○No response when I asked tutor's help.

Question16.How often do you meet your student tutor?

Frequently: ○Tutor is Lab. mate. ○Every day. ○Traveling together. ○Tutor baked for me. ○Tutor taught many things patiently. Often: ○Once a week when I attend a lecture. ○Meeting whenever need tutor's help. ○Only at the beginning of semester.
No communication: ○No contact as tutor looks very busy. ○I have never met. ○No meeting but talking through phone. ○We never exchange a word, even when we meet. ○I have met only one time.

Question17. Are you satisfied with your resident tutor in the International Residence Hall?

Satisfied: ○Responsible persons. ○Very kind. ○Always providing me advices. ○Hardworking. ○Enthusiastic. ○Communicating with meals. ○Cooked together. ○Good English skill. ○Distance with tutor is close.
Problem: ○Not getting advice, because tutor is too busy. ○To develop the system setting date to counsel with tutor. ○Tutor should more strictly enforce the rule of the Hall (Parking way of bicycle). ○Tutor should be more available. ○Announcement should be translated to English. ○Too busy. ○To do tutor's duty. ○Never communicated. ○Tutor should take care not only study but help for daily life. ○Tutor should exert their effort to keep clean the Hall.
Other: ○I wish to be a tutor for Hall.

Question18. What suggestions do you have for improving the student tutor system?

Suggestion: ○Tutor can be selected from the student in the same laboratory. ○It might be good if periodical meeting among tutors. ○Tutor should not be selected by gender. ○Tutor should support foreign student until who graduate. ○University should periodically listen voices of foreign students. ○System that foreign students can select their tutor is desirable. ○Supervisors who monitor the performance of tutor are needed. ○As tutor system is to support foreign students, tutor should be Japanese. ○Manual for tutors should be developed. ○As tutor is not volunteer work but job with fee, tutors should be more serious for their responsibility. ○System to change tutor based on the performance evaluation should be developed. ○Nomination by supervisor is not a good system. ○Tutor's will helping foreign students should be firstly counted. ○Orientation can be organized by a group composed of foreign students, tutors and supervisors. ○Tutor should be selected from the senior foreign students who can both speak Japanese and English. ○Tutor can be selected from the people of outside who has more time to take care foreign students. ○Tutor can be selected from the people who wish to be a tutor.
Language barrier: ○Language improvement both tutor and foreign students is required. ○Tutor should more understand English and different culture.
Capability: ○Tutors should understand their responsibility. ○As tutor accepted its work with fee, they should more focused to support foreign students. ○Tutors should communicate with foreign students in longer time.
Japanese Character: ○To understand Japanese, tutors should be Japanese. ○It is difficult to communicate with Japanese tutors, most of who is shy.

Question19. Have you had a part-time job here?

No: ○I wish to do, because to more understand Japanese system. ○There is no time to do part-time job. ○As Japanese language skill is limited, opportunity is also limited. ○Not interested in part-time job, because I wish to use my time for research. ○Available job is not along line with my interest. ○Supervisor does not recommend to do part-time job and I agree with him.

Question20. How do you get information about part-time jobs?

Advertisement: ○Magazine. ○Advertisement. ○Announcement in the University. ○Mail.
Friend: ○Compatriot. ○Foreign students
University: ○Supervisor. ○Ryuugakusei Center. ○International Cooperation Division.
Problem: ○Information on part-time job is limited.

Question21. What is your relationship with your employer like?

Good: ○Although I heard Japanese ill treat foreign people, they are very kind and teach me many things. ○ Lot of useful and good experience. ○Very professional.
Problem: ○There are people who discriminate foreign people. ○Misunderstood of my activities that initiated by my good will, due to different way of thinking. ○Depend on the person. ○Kind people and peculiar people. ○Word of greeting is too much. ○No communication due to busy working condition. ○Sometimes persecuted. ○ Difficult human relashonship.

Question22. How you can improve your financial problems?

Good housekeeping: ○Borrow the money from friends. ○Ask parents to increase financial support. ○Economize expenditures. ○Use scholarship wisely and creatively. ○Using money from saving.
Scolarship: ○Actively apply for available financial support, such as full or half of exemption of tuition, opportunities of research assistant, gakushu shoureikin and scholarship. ○Studying hard also for obtaining schlorship. ○Financial support for housing should be available.
Part-time job: ○As I was busy to do part-time job, I am puzzled whether I came to Kagoshima for study or doing part-time job. ○More chance to work in the University as research assistant.
Problem: ○There is no solution to improve financial problem. ○Fee for part-time job in Kagoshima is cheap. ○More information on part-time job should be available. ○The capacity of International Residence Hall should be expanded. ○More job opprtunities in the laboratory. ○It is difficult to both support family and child and conduct research work.

Question23. Who do you talk to when you have problems?

Friends: ○Tutor(compatriot). ○Japanese friends. ○Compatriots (having the same way of thinking). ○Close friends. ○Boy/girl friends. ○Friends in church. ○Friends in home country through internet.
Relatives: ○Parents. ○Family. ○Relatives in Kagoshima. ○Wife/husband.
People in the University: ○In case of study, supervisor, in case of life in general, friends. ○Colleagues in the laboratory. ○Supervisor. ○ Advisors for foreign students. ○Tutor.
No consultation: ○There is nobody with whom I can consult. ○Although I have a problem related to the laboratory, I cannot consult with the people in the University. ○I tried to self control.

Question24. How do you solve your problems?

Hobby: ○Sports. ○Eat. ○Watching movies through computer. ○Listen speech. ○Hiking. ○Internet. ○ Listen music. ○Window shopping. ○Sightseeing ○Watching TV. ○Taking a walk. ○ Hot spring. ○Karaoke. ○Museum. ○Taking photos. ○Doing something good for health. ○Join traditional musical instruments club.
Discuss with people: ○Join the gathering (like KUFSA). ○Go out with friend. ○Discuss stress with close friend, compatriots and supervisor. ○Call telephone to relatives. ○Cooking with friend. ○Home-stay.
Others: ○Drink. ○Cry. ○Sleep. ○Smoke. ○Self control (taking a walk or shopping). ○Relaxation. ○Rest. ○Making myself busy. ○Go back to home country. ○Move. ○Less mental problem after adjusting life in Japan. ○Have to overcome by myself. ○Patient. ○Playing with child.
Religion: ○Pray. ○Go to church.

Question25. How would you like the University help with these problems?

Establishing Counseling Room: ○Extend supports for survival. ○Establishing pcychrogical counseling /counseling system for foreign students. ○Pcychrogist specialized for fpregin people might be needed. ○Free counseling system is needed. ○University should show its policy to take care mental problem of foreign students. ○Difficult to counsel with unknown person. ○Setting up periodical counseling system organized anong students.
Activities on Cooperation: ○Attractive activities should be organized. ○Activation of foreign student community. ○Close communication between Japanese and foreign students. ○More opportunities of field trips and bus tours. ○Support of KUFSA activities. ○Leader of atheletic club should accept more foreign students into the club. ○Organization of sports activities. ○Meeting between teachers and foreign students (with tea or coffee). ○Improve the indoor sports facilities. ○More active invitation to the Japanese students for these activities. ○Activities to make understand different culture. ○Weekly meeting where can discuss with the people in the vicinity. ○Social activities. ○Mental support for foreign students.
Support for financial problem:As It looks that mental problem related to financial problems, such requests were presented. ○To increase opportunities of part-time job in the university. ○Increase the scale of scholarship, exemption of tuition. ○Supervisor should more understand the needs of part-time job. ○Wish to have financial support.
Others: ○It is difficult to answer, because the problem differ by the people. ○No need for the support. ○As personal problem,solution should come from myself. ○I should improve my personal capacity. ○ I do not have clear idea on how I should diccuss such personal problems.

Question26. What kind of accommodation problems do you have?

Problems:Facilities; ○No airconditioner (heater and cooler). ○Too small. ○Bathroom has to share with other people. ○No sunlight. ○No bathroom. ○International Residence Hall is dirty.
Environment; ○Noisy because house is located near railway. ○Many mosquitoes. ○Very noisy during daytime.
Social Problem; ○Problem with neighbor. ○Neighbor always complain about me. ○As my child is noisy, there is a problem with neighbor. ○As there is no time limit, Karaoke is very noisy(International Residence Hall). ○No appropriate room for family. ○There is no good human relationship with other Japanese in the dormitory. They do not even greet me in the morning. ○All information is in Japanese.
Costs: ○Expensive. ○Appropriate room for foreign students is not easily available and expensive. ○Cheap house is in remote area and no friends in the area.
Other problems; ○House move is difficult for foreign students (Renting car). ○Iwish to have financial support for the cost of housing. ○Staying period in International Residence Hall is too short.

Question27.How did you find your accommodation?

Special requirements: ○Looking for small, old and cheap room. ○Room should be close to the laboratory ( ease for family). ○Room at least have two rooms.

Question28. Did you have a problem finding a guarantor?

Yes: ○Why guarantor is needed in addition to the payment of deposit and commission? ○As I could not ask my friend, I asked to a special company to be a gurantor.

Question29. Do you understand the Japanese deposit and commission system?

Understand: ○Now understand. ○Understand as told by real estate agent. ○Understand but too expensive.
Not Understand: ○Peculiar system. ○Accept but not understand. ○Not understand on how these money would be used. ○Not understand and not paid.
Problem: ○Not standardized system. Sometimes deposit was not refunded. ○Too expensive. ○Deposit should be included in the scholarship.

Question30. What suggestions do you have for improving the accommodation problems?

Expansion of International Residence Hall: ○Facilities of International Residence Hall should be improved. ○Extension of staying period of Hall. ○More people can be accommodated in the Hall. ○Arrangement to be able to stay in the public house(Danchi)
Support System: ○Able to stay in rooms for family in cheaper rate. ○Support of foreign students to find cheaper rooms. ○Orientation for the foreign students with respect to housing should be sufficiently conducted. ○Preparation and availability of English pamphlets of house. ○Advisor for foreign students should be consolidated. ○No application of deposit and commission for the foreign students. ○More sufficient information on good and cheap rooms. ○System to identify appropriate room should be developed.
Problems: ○Not understanding for the financial charge on disposing large sized garbage. ○Free internet connection at International Residence Hall. ○Why foreign students cannot stay at vacant rooms in the campus (Sakuragaoka)?

Question31. What do you think about International Residence Hall?

Satisfied: ○Well equiped. ○Soon repaired, whenever boroken. ○Convenient. ○Hall is important for newcomers. ○good.
Problems of facilities: ○Too old. ○Pillow is not good. ○If it has a television. ○Facilities in the room is good, but not good for the utility. ○Not good for soundproof of the room. ○Too old. ○Too small room. ○Each room should have own bathroom. ○Dirty( many cockroaches).
Improvement of the rule: ○Establishing free internet. ○Why use of internet has to request to tutors? ○hould be clean. ○Tutor should be more strict to enforce the rule.

Question32. If you are a student with children, have you had any problems?

Education of Child: ○As nursery is not closely located, difficult to help home work. ○Difficult to help homework on Japanese(Kanji). ○Problem on nursing. ○Present qualification to enroll kinder garden (Priority is given to the family that both parents are working, due to shortage of facilities). ○Admission to the elementary school (life style, language barrier. Different educational policy)
Financial Problem: ○Tight living condition. ○Very expensive for private kinder garden. ○Very expensive tuition for kinder garden. ○Doing more part-time work is difficult.
Others: ○Although studying and nursing at the same time are enjoyable, very tired. ○Our child could go to kinder garden only a few months due to high risk of pregnancy of my wife. ○We are worrying about after birth. ○There was no systematic guidance on how family can stay in Kagoshima, when my wife joined to me. ○Difficult to find the place where we can consult about problems related to family. ○Big problem when child become sick.

Question33. What can Kagoshima University do to support and improve your life in Kagoshima?

Scholarship: ○Sufficient financial support to be able to syudy. ○Increase scale and amount of scholarship. ○Increase scale of exemption of tuition. ○Support for purchasing books. ○Special arrangement scholarship for the foreign students with family. ○Correction of unfairness for the application of scholarship by faculties. ○Exemption of tuition should be separately conducted for Japanese and foreign students. ○Simplify the arrangement for application of scholarship.
Support for housing: ○Financial support for the foreign students who can not stay at International Residence Hall. ○General support for housing. ○More information on housing, especially when foreign students bring their family. ○Sufficient information to find house/room. ○Arrngement for foreign students enabling to stay public house(Danchi).
International Residence Hall: ○Extension of period for staying Hall. ○Expansion of rooms for family. ○Flexible use of Hall' facilities (Extension of usage time of public spaceur during holidays). International atmosphare: ○International Cooperation Division should more closely communicate with foreign students. ○The Division should support not only for the University issues but for the life issues of foreign students. ○As the most of lectures are conducted in Japanese, the lectures in English should be increased. ○The system to solve the problem whenever the complaint are raised can be improved. ○To develop the atmosphare as if foreign students staying at home. ○More meetings and activities are needed to understand each other. ○Collaborative research works with other developed countries should be increased.
Financial Suports: ○Information on part-time jobs should be more provided. ○Wish to be supported for foreign students who are visiting by their own costs. ○Wish to be considered on vicious cycle of the privately funded students(Increase part-time job, decrease study time, application for scholarship was not highly evaluated, financial difficulty). ○Illogical for the application of field work(more simplified precess by supervisors).
Facilities: ○More computers for foreign students at the laboratory. ○Extension of the usage time of library.
Services: ○English translation can be added for information from elementary school and kinder garden. ○Questionares and announcements in the University is only made by Japanese. ○Food information for Muslim is required.
Tutor: ○Tutor should assist not only for study but for life in Kagoshima. ○Tutor should be sellected by test including English.
Others: ○More understanding for foreign students who funded by themselves, in applying exemption of tuition. ○More detailed guide for obtaining driving license is needed.

Follow up

These results will be used as a base for understanding by the University to further support foreign students and improve the situation in and out of the University to ensure they have a more pleasant stay in Kagoshima.