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Welfare and Sports Facilities for Students

Welfare and Sports Facilities for Students

 The University operates a Health Service Center and Residence and Dining Halls by way of welfare facilities. It also provides additional facilities for intramural activities, including two full-size multi-purpose gymnasiums, a swimming pool, and other sports facilities as listed below.

Welfare Facilities

Health Service Center (service and medical care)
Residence Halls
Dining Halls
University Book Stores
Student Club Activity Building

Sports Facilities

Athletic Sports Stadium(field and track)

Ball-Game Grounds(baseball, basketball, soccer, rugby, tennis, and volleyball)
First Gymnasium(gymnastics, badminton, basketball, handball, and volleyball)
Second Gymnasium(badminton, basketball, volleyball, and ping-pong)
Budo-kan(martial arts gymnasium, judo and kendo)
Archery Field
Riding Field
Swimming Pool
Boat Houses at Kamoike and Iso Seashore
Yacht House at Hirakawa

Clubs and Circles

There are number of clubs and circles that are operated, outside of education and research activities. However, University supports and promotes these activities based on the recognition that such activities are very important for enhancing human capacities, especially in young generation.

You are welcome to join these activities listed below. It is therefore suggested to contact, if you are interested in joining the activities, to one of the counselors who are listed in the counseling system to identify the people who are responsible for clubs and circles.

23 Clubs (Culture)

Drama (theater Kazandan) International Issues
Photograph Student Phychology
Arts Overseas Country
Broadcast Marine Ecology
English Conversation (ESS) Biology
Marxs Doctrine Adventure
Social Science Gardening
Law Tea Ceremony (Omotesanke)
Educational Science Ikebana
Philosophy Tea Ceremony (Sekishokai / Urasanke)
Newpaper Calligraphy
Japanese Chess  


29 Circles (Culture)

Listening Music Watching Movies
Youth Hostel Magic
Science Fiction & Mystery Outdoor Activities
Archaeology Fishing
Astronomy Ocean
Micro Computer Hyakunin Isshu
Comics Walk & Camp
Marine Turtles Birds Watching
Robots Eco-Run
Volunteer Circle Science Rai
Chess Kagoshima Outdoor Counselor Association
YELL Yaseido
Literature Sora Shakespeare Cards
WORTH CREATION Big Issue Supporters
Sign Language (Tege Tege)  

9 Clubs (Music)

Mixed Chorus Brass Band
Harmonica Orchestra
Jazz Band Classic Guitar
Rock Japanese Music Instruments
Guitar, Recorder & Contrabass  

6 Circles (Music)

Fork Songs      Mandlin
Light Music Ikasama Rider    
New Music Chambery

29 Clubs (Athletics)

Judo                                        Kendo
Karatedo Japanese Archery
Boxing Shorinji (Martial Art)
Aikido Soccer
Rugby Handball
Basketball Volleyball
Baseball Baseball (Using a different type of ball)
Table Tennis Badminton
Soft Tennis Tennis
Swimming Boat
Yacht Cutter (a kind of boat)
Track & Field Mountaineering
Horse Riding Automobile
Aircraft Cycling

23 Circle (Athletics)

Trekking Soccer
Soft Tennis Baseball (Using another different type of ball)
Wind Surfing Karatedo
Softball Tennis
Karatedo (Kyokushin) Table Tennis
Season Sports Basketball
Volleyball Ski
Sports Chinese Martial Arts
Ball Games Footsal
Dance Iaido
Diving (Marine Cats) Field & Track
American Football  

Accommodation for Overseas Students and Academics

Kagoshima University International Residence Hall

Kagoshima University International Residence Hall provides accommodation for overseas students and academics engaged in study or research at Kagoshima University. It is also intended as a setting for international cultural exchange. With a fine view to the east of the volcano Sakurajima, the Hall is situated in a quiet residential district adjacent to Faculty of Fisheries. Public transport is within easy reach, with the nearest streetcar stop five minutes away on foot and the nearest bus stop just a minute away. It is a 15-minute walk to the Korimoto campus.

Kagoshima University International Lodge:

Kagoshima University International Lodge was constructed in December 2003 in Shimo-arata district adjacent to the Faculty of Fisheries on the other side of the International Residence Hall as a donation of Kagoshima University's 50th Anniversary for overseas scholars and guests visiting Kagoshima University. The building is a two-story one on a steel framework and consists of two types of 16 single rooms for long and short term stay. Its total floor area is 502㎡ and TV, refrigerators and other necessary furniture are equipped in each room.