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  • Inamori Academy
     The Inamori Academy of Kagoshima University is a university- wide, undergraduate general education and research program encompassing humanistic studies, management and leadership education, and regional/international understanding and cooperation. Dedicated Academy faculty and instructors from across and outside the university provide over 40 innovative courses on ethics, philosophy, cultural studies, communications, management, sustainability, personal/career development, and more.

     The central mission of the Inamori Academy is to help students throughout the university to develop their potential and their skills for leadership in the 21st century, whatever their chosen fields may be. Through a wide variety of learning activities and interactions with others inside and outside the university, the Academy provides a broad venue for students to explore their own ideas and vision. In conjunction with this mission, the Inamori Academy aims to promote greater community and society cooperation, understanding and sense of responsibility through local, regional and international collaborations. A concrete example of this effort is the establishment of an office in Hanoi, Vietnam to facilitate cultural, educational, and research exchanges.

     The Inamori Academy is endowed by generous donations from Kyocera Corporation and its founder and Chairman Emeritus, alumnus Kazuo Inamori, who also founded the telecommunications firm DDI (now KDDI) and the Inamori Foundation, grantors of the internationally recognized Kyoto Prizes. The Academy was originally established in 2005 as the Inamori Academy of Management & Technology and expanded in 2008 to reach the whole undergraduate student community at large. Through the Inamori Academy we hope to instill in all our students the passion, understanding and desire to contribute to society that are cornerstones of Dr. Inamori's works and philosophy.