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Information Center

Information Center
  The Information Center was opened at the University's main gate in April 2007 as the communication center for candidates, company staff and the general public. At the Center, Information about various events and other items are provided and some research products are also exhibited. A staff is assigned to introduce the available facilities to visitors, to distribute varieties of university brochures and journals, to show examples of entrance examination and to sell the university original goods. In addition, a DVD of the university guide is always available for viewing.

Open: Monday to Friday (except national holidays) 9:30 to 16:30

Goods for sales:University's original goods - clear file, ballpoint pen, book jacket, key holder, pen case, tote bag, tiepin, badge
Eriobotrya folium tea (Biwa-cha): tea bag, plastic bottle, supplement
Flower basket with Chiku-tan (coal made from bamboo), picture-flame made from Chiku-tan, wall-hanging picture- flame made from Chiku-tan, board of pressed flower made from Chiku-tan, Chiku-tan block,Hand-made works by pupils of affiliated special-needs school, DVD (movie 'Hoku-shin Nanameni Sasutokoro)
Kagoshima University brand Sho-chu (distilled spirit) - 'Shunju-oka', 'Kibaiyanse', 'Ten-shochu' Tray made of Yaku ceder, post-card made of Yaku cedar, Farm Products (vegetables, grain, fruits and others)
Exibits: Canned Tuna, Post card