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  • North American Center
      Kagoshima University's North American Center branch office is located in San Jose, California, USA. The center was originally opened as Silicon Valley Office of the Venture Business Laboratory, Kagoshima University December 2004, and in September 2008 was broadened to represent the whole University as the North American Center, an official university-level organization. In April 2011, the center was officeially registered with the State of California as a brance office of Kagoshima university.   The center plans and conducts various programs for education, research and society contribution in North America according to the following objectives:

    (1) To promote training and education programs of students and staff
    (2) To promote joint research and activities with universities, institutions, companies and other organizations
    (3) To promote seminars, forums and other meetings
    (4) To promote international collaborative programs and activities with other universities

      Professor Katsunori Takeuchi as the Director of the center is planning and implementing various activities: overseas study programs for students and administrative staffs, remote classes, the US-Japan Future Forum and so on. 
      The Center is active in JUNBA (The Japanese Universities Network in the Bay Area) and is working for the cooperative activities and exchange information through JUNBA to expand the fields of education and research activities of Kagoshima University.