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Kagoshima University Innovation Center (KUIC)

  • Kagoshima University Innovation Center (KUIC)
      The Kagoshima University Innovation Center (KUIC), established in April 2006, merged the Research and Development Center, the Intellectual Property Office and the Venture Business Laboratory to hasten functional and effective management of cooperation among industry, university and government. The Center includes the following divisions and functions.

    1.Liaison office
      This division was established originally in 1992 as the Research and Development Center, one of the cooperative educational and research facilities. This division aims to match the research seeds of this university with social needs, and is promoting social reduction and the technology transfer of the result of the research through cooperative research projects with outside organizations.

      The activities in this division are promotion of cooperative research between industry and the university researchers, technology consultations for the industry managers and engineers, introduction of the university researchers to the industries, promotion of the liaison (technology transfer) business cooperation with intellectual property office and others.

    2.Intellectual Property Office
      The Intellectual Property Office was established in December 2003 in order to promote and protect the intellectual property originated from the University's educational and research activities and to enhance its strategic use in line with the University's mission to enable research results to contribute the society.

    3.Venture Business Laboratory
      Venture Business Laboratory (KUIC-VBL) was established in March 2004 as a specialized venture business research and educational institution for post-graduate and graduate students. Executing a Japanese government keystone, KUIC- VBL provides a framework for the incubation of technology and the start of new enterprises under collaboration between the university and industry. Several research projects regarding nano-scale biotechnology are currently in progress.