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Center for General Education

  • Center for General Education
      The Kagoshima University Center for General Education was established on October 1st, 2003. The aim of the Center is to promote the development and improvement of the university in the following ways: 1) to propose, investigate, and develop new approaches to university education; 2) to plan and implement general and basic courses (thereafter referred to as "General Education") that are offered in cooperation with all faculties of the university; 3) to develop measures to enhance foreign language education; 4) to promote dialogue on education within the university as a whole.

      A unique feature of the Center is that its focus is not limited to the area of General Education. Its role is to investigate current educational practice in the university and suggest improvements. The Center is also responsible for planning and implementing faculty development programs, and for promoting the use of e-learning and information technology throughout the university.

      Kagoshima University's General Education is divided into the following five areas:

    1.Liberal Arts
     The objective of liberal arts courses is to develop a basic understanding of the process of intellectual inquiry in various fields and to clarify issues facing society today. The curriculum includes a number of interdisciplinary courses that draw on the academic resources throughout the university, as well as traditional disciplines, such as philosophy, sociology, and physics.

    2.Information Technology
     Special emphasis is placed on instruction in information technology to meet the needs of contemporary society. Computer training and instruction in information processing are offered to develop computer literacy.

    3.Foreign Languages
     Instruction in foreign languages is also regarded as extremely important in the age of globalization. Various kinds of language courses are offered to meet students' interests and needs.

    4.Physical Education and Health Science
     Lectures and exercise encourage students to develop a sound body and mind and awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

    5. Japanese Language and Culture
     These courses are offered to overseas students enrolled in the university. The aim of these courses is to develop fluency in the Japanese language as well as a deep understanding of Japanese life and culture.

     In addition, courses in basic disciplines, such as mathematics, the physical sciences, and the life sciences, are offered as part of general education to help students prepare for major courses.