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Message from the President

      Kagoshima University has a long history and rich tradition in education, and the university’s origins can be traced back to the Hangaku Zoshikan School, which was established in 1773 and was run by the feudal domain. After the merger of several higher education institutions including the Seventh Higher School established during the Meiji period (1868-1912), Kagoshima University inherited this educational tradition and was newly established in 1949 as a national university. The university has developed into one of the leading comprehensive universities comprising nine faculties, ten graduate schools and fourteen education and research institutes with approximately 9,000 undergraduates and 2,000 graduate students including 300 international students.

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Yoshizane Maeda, Ph.D.

    In the Kagoshima University Charter, approved in 2007, the university declares itself to be a comprehensive university that contributes to the development of society with the community in full respect of the spirit of self-sufficiency and enterprise. In addition, in 2010 a student charter was drawn up by the students themselves. In it they promise to inherit the spirit of enterprise from the Kagoshima forefathers who promoted the transformation and modernization of this country, to acquire a well-rounded education, to seek advanced and specialized knowledge and skills to become successful people with a global perspective, to nurture their friendships and thoughtfulness for others, and to make every effort to contribute to society. Every student adopts this spirit as code and convention in their everyday lives.

      The university endeavors to produce graduates possessing high moral principles and a social nature and individuals who aspire to overcome challenges and work actively for the global society. As concrete measures, we work to: 1) cultivate specialized knowledge and skills, and a sense of morality; 2) conduct an educational program to meet the needs of globalization; 3) promote industry-university-government collaboration in education; 4) encourage students to dedicate themselves to preparation for lectures. Furthermore, in order to cultivate an individual spirit of enterprise Kagoshima University has developed a number of programs: financial support for overseas educational programs; volunteer projects; other various efforts towards solving social challenges; as well as a scholarship system and student awards program.


      We are engaged in developing cutting-edge research by applying our specialized knowledge and skills. In particular, we encourage our highly esteemed basic and applied research and promote research which brings innovation while conducting interdisciplinary research in order to solve local issues in the fields of environment, the islands and food and health. At the same time, as ‘the center of intelligence’ in the community, the university promotes the development of quality lifelong learning, cultivation of human resources, joint research projects with the local community, and industry-university-government collaboration. Located in the center of the city, the university also provides on-campus facilities such as libraries, museums, botanical gardens, and research farms for public use.


      Kagoshima University aims to significantly increase our presence all over the world through our various activities and contribute to society both locally and internationally.